A results-focused, intuitive, and engaging Training & Development Leader with 15+ years of proven success identifying areas of need, and developing highly effective training programs to improve leadership skills, advance communications, and align programs across program sites. Also, I have deep ministry leadership and outreach experience, working in pastoral care – preaching, teaching, small group facilitation, and community outreach.

My broad background includes specialty expertise in Train-the-Trainer curriculum development and training programs. I have owned the training experience – from instructional design to in-person or online delivery to managers, directors, and staff for multi-site operations around the globe. In addition, I have organized training events and conferences, and know how to continuously measure program results to identify areas for further improvement.

A positive influencer and communicator, with strengths improving the culture of an organization, I am able to create meaningful connections across diverse populations.

In my most current role, I guided leadership development training within a network of Christian faith-based operations across the globe. ATC is a 60-year old program that helps teenagers, adults, and families tackle substance abuse and self-destructive behavior through Christ-centered transformation, discipleship, and effective recovery programs.

I directed all staff and leadership training programs for 200+ locations in the US and other sites around the world, developing online curriculum and in-person training solutions to attain aggressive objectives and outcomes for populations served, tracking and measuring performance and evolving the programs to meet the needs of the growing organization.

An ordained minister and facilitator of small group ministry-focused programs, I also have a certification in Instructional Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership. Interested in new opportunities to guide leadership training and develop or improve training programs to grow leaders, raise standards, and advance the mission of a faith-based organization or ministry program.